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Yoga Pants & Boxers

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Thoughts of a Laborer 04-09-13

I am amazed to see how many young ladies are walking around in their underwear these days and how many young men cannot seem to tighten their belts. What “Madonna” started in about 1984 has come full circle. At about that same time there was a nun, Sister Anne Shield, who said, “What is acceptable in this generation becomes norm for the next”. Madonna’s underwear that she used as outerwear, which at first stunned some people and then was slowly accepted 30 years ago, has made Sister Anne Shield’s words prophetic. Somehow we need to let young ladies know that their bodies are beautiful and are meant to be a special gift.

On the other hand, there seems to be a different standard for men, at least in the work place. I have heard and seen young men in the work place being chastised for showing their underwear but the reverse is true when a young woman comes in showing her underwear. Men in the work place are pleased to be able to ogle a woman in her “underwear” but there is a different standard for the guys. For guys it is uncouth to show a bit of their underwear but for women it is acceptable to not just show a bit but to walk around openly in their underwear now called “yoga pants”.

I have a healthy sexual relationship with my wife. Sex and sexuality has been given to us by God our Father, but for those of us who profess to be Christian we need to be wary of the spirit of Baal that is permeating our nation. Jesus made it clear that if a man looks at a woman and lusts in his heart he has committed the sin. (Matthew 5:28) To you men who may be reading this, I personally have to make a conscious effort to shift my gaze when I see the explicit curves of a woman who does not belong to me. We have to EXERCISE A DESIRE TO PLEASE JESUS, not our flesh.

Our Ashtoreth poles are no longer on hills but are in many of the rooms of our homes in the form of widescreen televisions in combinations with DVD players and /or digital bandwidth etc. We need to be cautious as to what we give our attention.

If you WOGS (Women Of God) have an opportunity to whisper into another woman’s ear that their bodily form is a work of art given them by God, therefore it is meant to be a special gift to a man who is committed to them and willing to die for them, the intimacies of which are to be enjoyed by him, not by everyone within eye shot, then please gather up some boldness and speak to them. Please let them know their value so they can cherish it and in turn be cautious to give themselves to a worthy man who is willing to commit to them with a covenant for life.

What saddens my heart is that there is still an inner innocents in many of them and they are unaware of the perilous road that they are on.


Always remember that I am a flawed and imperfect vessel of our Lord Jesus the Christ. Whatever you read here, take to the Lord in prayer and examine it against the Word of God.


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