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Six Day Stint in Kingston:

Posted by on November 22, 2013
New Life Community Bldg.

New Life Community Bldg.

Well, we’ve just returned from a six day stint in Kingston and we’re glad to be back on the North Coast to deal with some much needed issues on this side of the island.

This past week, Lowel and I we’re invited by Mr. & Mrs. Chamber’s (from Deanery VI) to attend The 30th Catholic Charismatic Conference celebrating The 40th Anniversary of New Life Community (The Beginning of Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Jamaica.)

Our Accommodations at New Life Retreat Centre

Our Accommodations at New Life Retreat Centre

Our hosts made accommodations for us at The New Life Retreat Centre in Kingston for 3 nights; afterwards, Lowel and I spent several nights at the Archbishops Cottage while attending meetings at the Catechetical Centre and taking care of personal business in Kingston.

Attending the Catholic Charismatic Conference allowed Lowel and me an opportunity to mingle with Catholics from all areas of Jamaica and we thoroughly enjoyed the Guest Speaker Monsignor

House Rules at New Life Community Retreat Centre

House Rules at New Life Community Retreat Centre

William John-Lewis who came in from Roseau, Dominica for the conference. We exchanged many numbers and we look forward to meeting with our new acquaintances in the near future.

Conference Held at Stephanie Hall Holy Childhood High School

Conference Held at Stephanie Hall
Holy Childhood High School



This past Sunday proved to be the most challenging day on the road thus far.  We left Kingston in the morning and made the two hour trek into the mountains to attend the Service in Guys Hill and then on to Donnington; afterward, we made the two hour trek back down to Kingston to finish out the conference that evening.  Upon our return to The New Life Retreat Centre – we just collapsed from our day’s adventure. Our primary objective for this endeavor was to establish meeting times with the parishioners for these two parishes and to discuss their needs and desires for their communities.

We recently had our first meeting with the parishioners of Donnington and we were pleased with the turnout and interest for their community.  Through the course of a two hour meeting we were able to establish a day and time that works well for the children, as well as, for the adults.  We covered an array of topics dealing with the needs of the children, teens and adults. We also established a list of children’s names with their ages that will need to be prepared for their First Communion.  Lowel and I will do our best in implementing such programs to meet their needs and desires.  May the Holy Spirit guide us in this process!

Until Next time…


2 Responses to Six Day Stint in Kingston:

  1. Vivian

    God bless you for all the work you are doing. Things are well here in the old neighborhood. Right now it is overcast, raining and cold. You are in the right climate . Can’t wait to get to Florida. As usual the family will gather for Thanksgiving at our house, so I am busy preparing. Best wishes to you and miss you. Love ya, Viv

    • Lowèl Lewis

      Rose and I are really glad to hear from you! Make sure you give everyone our love as they visit for the holiday. We have much to be thankful for as the Lord has been kind to us in so many ways. We continue to walk in faith for our every need, so please continue to keep us in your prayers. We still have to find a house, a car, and a way to make sure that we eat……….. Our Lord has been faithful. May Our Lord continue to Bless you and Randy!

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