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  • Ewarton is a town in the region of Saint Catherine in Jamaica and has a population of approximately 12,797 people.
  • The name of Ewarton is most likely a compound of the surname “Ewart” and the suffix –ton, meaning town.
  • st_catherineThe town’s economy prospered particularly from 1957 when ALCAN established a bauxite plant nearby.  The plant was later transferred to WINDALCO and was closed in early 2009 due to a fall in demand for aluminum as a result of the global recession.  However, the Ewarton refinery was reopened in July 2010, per “The Gleaner”  October 3, 2012.
  • The town of Ewarton consists of three schools, one police station, a post office, a market and ten churches; of which, you will find one Roman Catholic Church by the name of St. Catherine of Sienna.
St. Catherine of Sienna

St. Catherine of Sienna