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Market Place Ministry

Posted by on May 2, 2013

Thoughts of a Laborer 05-02-13

My whole life has been about “Market Place Ministry”! When I was a teenager I wore a belt buckle that said “Jesus is Lord”, and I had a bumper sticker on my car that read, “Let all proclaim to the Glory of the Father that Jesus Christ is Lord!” It was bright yellow with black lettering. For a Roman Catholic this was over the top but none the less, my witness was a very quiet one . . . . until I was asked. Usually the questions were in the genre of, “Why are you different?”, or “Where is your identity”, or “Why do you care?” or “Why does it seem like people are drawn to you?” These were the doors that, when opened, allowed me to give what people they were thirsting for,  a touch of, . . Jesus. I also found that if I stayed close to the Lord, He would just show up and give things to these people who were searching for Him, far greater than I could ever conceive or imagine. In my teen years, I saw plenty of miracles without even expecting them. Our Lord would miraculously be present for those hearts that were yearning for Him. I was simply the conduit for His love and His mercy.

There was another ministry side of me that was not so “quiet”. When I saw injustice, apathy or weak leadership on the part of those in positions of authority which in turn allowed “Goliath” into our camp, I was “set on fire”. This was the beginning of my observation that the “Authority that comes from God”, (Romans 13:1-7) and positions of authority sought after by men, were two entirely different domains. But this is a topic for another time.

We are all called to minister in one fashion or another. I have found that the more open to the Holy Spirit a person is, the more multifaceted the “diamond” that person becomes in reflecting the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. I must confess that I have not been a vessel that has brought Glory to God in every season of my life, but none the less He has chosen to use me. So. . . . .

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