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Market Place Ministry:

What is “Market Place Ministry”?

“Market Place Ministry” is a modern day term for evangelization. All Christians are called to minister the Good News of God’s Love through His Son in one way or another.[1]  Not everyone is called to minister directly from a pulpit[2], but all of us are called to minister in our everyday lives by how we act and how we encourage those around us, directing them in the ideals of God by our daily interactions.

In order to bring up Jesus in the anti-Christian environments that most of us live, BOLDNESS is necessary, but BOLDNESS[3] only comes when there is a manifestation of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Even after three years with Jesus, the Apostles and the disciples with them were still hiding in the upper room until the Holy Spirit became manifest in their lives. Remember Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”[4], but it was not until Pentecost that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was evident in them[5]. Based on my own experience, this is my speculation,….. I think there was a little time to dig into the scriptures while they were hiding in the upper room. As Jesus revealed Himself more thoroughly through the scriptures their understanding and wisdom as to who He was, has been and claimed to be was solidified. Here we see the Holy Spirit together with the revealed Word of God!

If your receiving of the Holy Spirit has been an act of your tradition then you have not even begun to scratch the surface, but, if you have gone through your confirmation, or through any ceremony requesting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and you are earnestly looking for a manifestation of Almighty God’s presence[6], then you have received a briefcase. Your briefcase is full of Kingdom valuables and the key to unlocking that briefcase is a desire to leave your old self behind and receive your new man in Christ. This is the true meaning and or symbolism of your water baptism.

How is this done?

Most of us, without even realizing it, have been sucked into a world view that is not Christian. Weaning ourselves off the world’s values is sometimes difficult, and sometimes we do not even know where to start. Before anyone can do Market Place Ministry one must have a foundation and the foundation for Christian principals comes from the Word of God. This is where the Holy Spirit comes into play. Without the Holy Spirit the Word of God can be a dry history book, if not just a book of fairy tales. One of the first things that you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you with is your ability to discern the Word of God. As you begin to read, the Spirit will give you insight into your life and the things that you need to relinquish into His care. I’m not necessarily talking about material things but rather the mindsets and attitudes that stand in the way of a closer walk with Almighty God.

So why this rabbit trail in regards to Market Place Ministry? . . .  Because in order to make a bold stand for God you must have a solid foundation! A foundation is a mixture of contemplation and meditation on the Word of God, hard work and experience. If you are not standing on a solid foundation of relationship with Jesus Christ, then how can you be bold for Jesus if you do not know Him personally?! There can be no BOLDNESS for someone you do not know!

As you access the Wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit, He will guide you as to your particular walk with Him. Remember, BOLDNESS comes out of PASSION and PASSION comes out of INTIMACY.  There must be INTIMACY WITH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST at the foundation of any Christian’s walk!

Our desire, our hope, and we believe, our commission, is to help people come to know who our Lord is at a very intimate level, thus resulting in men and women who will boldly express who Jesus is to them and in turn they will consequently be Ministering in the Market Place.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Jesus is the Word!

Crack-open your Bible and immerse yourself in Jesus!


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