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God Is Good!

Posted by on March 9, 2014

God is good, all the time…  And all the time, God is good…  And that’s HIS Nature…WOW!
Where do I begin?  It’s been approximately ten weeks since I blogged last, and so much has transpired.  So, let me start with some highlights.
Our New Home
Our New Home – A Blessing from God!
As of our last posting, Lowèl and I had just found a place to call home and we were to begin moving in the first part of January 2014.  Well, our move-in date took place on January 18th, although, Lowèl and I didn’t actually spend our first night at our new home until January 24th, due to various activities in Kingston.  Nonetheless, January 18th is a day that we won’t forget.  It was a day that God poured out His blessings upon us.  I’m personally still awed by what transpired that day.
Cows in the back yard - enjoying the morning sunrise.
Cows in our back yard – enjoying the morning sunrise.
God in His awesomeness, touched an individual’s heart in Kingston that neither Lowèl nor I had ever met or had spoken to, who, upon just hearing of our needs sprang into action to find almost everything one would need to set up a household.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  (Ephesians 3:20)
Our Front Yard
Our Front Yard
Who would have thought a stranger in Kingston would take the time out of their day to travel an hour-and-a-half each way to our home in the mountains to make an assessment of what our needs would be and then make all the necessary contacts to try to fulfill those needs.  Only GOD can touch the hearts of individuals and orchestrate stuff like this!  And, if that wasn’t enough to humble us, one of our dear friends in Kingston mentioned Lowèl and I to her parish and bible study group and they rallied together to supply us with some incidentals that were still needed.  Wow!  The Love of GOD and HIS People…
Semi with a 20 ft container with items for our new home.
A semi with a 20 ft. container with items for our new home.
On January 18th, Lowèl and I were asked to accompany our new friends in Christ in the hour-and-a-half drive to our new home in the mountains, which we graciously accepted and enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know one another.  Upon our arrival, a semi loaded with a 20 foot container appeared with an array of household items from measuring cups and appliances to living room and bedroom furnishings.  I was totally overwhelmed by God’s caring nature displayed in these new friends!  O.K., I know we read the scriptures that reveal God’s awesome love for us but, until we put everything in God’s hands and truly walk in FAITH, can we begin to grasp or experience it for ourselves.  (2 Corinthians 9:8)
Our first meal at our new home.
Our first meal at our new home.
For those of you who may be visiting our Blog for the first time, Lowèl and I came to Jamaica as missionaries with only our suitcases and the FAITH that our Daddy would take care of all our needs.  I must admit that there have been moments on this journey where I have found myself hanging on to the coat tales of Lowèl’s FAITH in GOD only to realize, once again, that GOD has our back.  Thank goodness God is so patient with me… as I learn to work my measure of Faith.
Which poses the question?
“Do we believe that what we believe is really real?”
I often struggle with this question and need to assess if what I believe is the Truth or a Lie.  As humans we act based on what we believe to be Truth, therefore, we must assess if our “truth” is based on the Word of God which is Truth or on the lies of Satan.  Unfortunately, our “truth” is often based on a secular world view i.e., a world view without God in the equation such as, “It’s all about me and my strength”. (Deut 8:17)
Deuteronomy 8:1717 You may say to yourself, “My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.” 
All this to say, that there is a cosmic battle that has been going on throughout the ages between God’s Word (The Truth) and the deception of Satan (The Lie).  It is up to us to seek and believe the TRUTH Claims of God.
Satan’s truth claim   -v-   God’s Truth Claim
Live for NOW            -v-   Live for the Kingdom (Eternity) and our Lord
                                          will take care of today (Matthew 6:33-34)
The average “Joe” doesn’t even see the destruction of Satan’s truth claim “Live for NOW.”  They are three simple words that have such serious implications on our society.  Hence, we must be wise to the devil’s schemes and not fall for these destructive and deceptive slogans that are fed to us daily through our media which corrupts our youth and leads them to believe that there is nothing that transcends themselves.
Furthermore, fear, anxiety and worry are from Satan as well, which he uses to control us in our individual lives and our society at large.  If we were to look back in history, we could see how the devil uses these tactics over and over again to control the masses.  Therefore, we (Children of God) must start digging into His Word and focus on His Truth Claims – so that we won’t be so easily deceived by the powers at hand.  There is an urgency in the air that we know who we are in Christ, that we know what we stand for, and that we have the courage to stand against the deceptive powers knowing that, God has our back.
During this Special Season of Lent, I beseech You Lord, to forgive me in those weak moments that I have taken my eyes off of Your Truth Claims, and I thank You for Your unending love, protection, grace and mercy.  Amen!

Some other highlights of the past ten weeks would include:

  • Lowèl speaking with the grade school children at St. Martin De Pores in Kingston with an open classroom forum that had Lowèl discussing an array of topics about the Lord.  We visited at least eight or nine classes and found the children’s curiosity of God, and their openness to discuss matters very heartwarming.
  • Attended a Stewardship Meeting in Kingston with our parishioners from Guys Hill.
  • Our Parishioners at Guy's Hill

    Our Parishioners at Guy’s Hill

    Archbishop Charles H. Dufour visited our mission in Guy’s Hill.  On January 26th, the Archbishop of Kingston made his first appearance in Guy’s Hill since he took his official position.  The Archbishop has now visited every parish and mission in his diocese.  Guy’s Hill was his last mission to be visited – only to start his rotation all over again.   We thank our parishioners for doing a great job, making the luncheon for the event truly Jamaican in style.  It was a lovely afternoon for all.

  • The Pilgrims Way Bible Study – Lowèl is still in the process of negotiating an affordable way to implement this bible study.  With the cost of shipping/import duties the bible study is unattainable for a majority of the individuals here in the mountains.  Therefore, Lowèl is continuing his research to make the bible study feasible for our parishioners.
  • Click on the picture above to hear what the Pope has to say about Unity

    Click on the picture above to hear what the Pope has to say about Unity

    Making Ecumenical Ties – Recently, Lowèl was asked to speak at Providence Methodist Church in Kingston.  The parishioners received God’s Challenge to live by faith which is counted to them as righteousness, so through their prayers, true lasting transformation will happen in Jamaica.  (Romans 4:3; 4:20-22; and James 5:16)

In the midst of our stumbling it is evident that The Lord has been guiding our steps.  He has opened the doors for Lowèl to preach in non-Catholic Churches in the true Spirit of catholicism.  We have been welcomed in the Spirit of Unity that the Holy Spirit has inspired in our leaders, preaching at other Christian Churches in Kingston.  If you have not seen our Pope’s Call to Unity it is truly urgent that you watch this video of the Popes appeal to our Brother’s in the catholic Church.  Click on the picture above to hear the Pope’s Call to Unity of the Bride of Christ.
  • All Sports Day - at Carron Hall High School

    All Sports Day – at Carron Hall High School

    Visited with the Principal at Carron Hall High School on “Sports Day” and discussed numerous issues from internet service for the school to possibly doing weekly devotional with the school children.

  • FOCUS ON THE FAMILY The Truth Project

    Click Truth Project Logo to see  Promo Video

    The Truth Project – Lowèl and I have just begun our first Truth Project (Created by Focus of the Family) and we were glad to see the excitement stirring within the individuals with just the third tour of the program completed.  We will continue with The Truth Project every Friday until mid-May.  Please remember us in your prayers!  We look forward to seeing deep transformation within the participants, intimate fellowship, and the multiplication of the program.  May our Heavenly Father send the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those individuals who seek His TRUTH and those who may not have considered Who TRUTH Is?

Until next time…
P.S.  I apologize for the delay of this blog, however, as Lowèl would say – “Our internet service here in the mountains is less than poor!”