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Author Archives: Lowèl Lewis

Soul for Sale:


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The Exclusive Club

Thoughts of a Laborer 5-10-13 Yes! Christianity is an “Exclusive Club”. It excludes only those who choose not to be a part of it. A person must make a choice to come in. You will not be forced. There is one Bouncer at the door, Who is the Door, and His name is Jesus Christ. … Continue reading »

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Market Place Ministry

Thoughts of a Laborer 05-02-13 My whole life has been about “Market Place Ministry”! When I was a teenager I wore a belt buckle that said “Jesus is Lord”, and I had a bumper sticker on my car that read, “Let all proclaim to the Glory of the Father that Jesus Christ is Lord!” It … Continue reading »

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Yoga Pants & Boxers

Thoughts of a Laborer 04-09-13 I am amazed to see how many young ladies are walking around in their underwear these days and how many young men cannot seem to tighten their belts. What “Madonna” started in about 1984 has come full circle. At about that same time there was a nun, Sister Anne Shield, … Continue reading »

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The Power of God’s Love is an “everyday thing”

Thoughts of a Laborer 03-31-13 Today we have celebrated our risen Lord. I’m sure we have been near people at the service who do not know the Lord. We sometimes refer to them as C&E Christians. They are in church twice a year for various different reasons but one of the underlying reasons that are … Continue reading »

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David Dahl our Ornamental Fish Industry Associate

David is a blessing that God brought out of the “Blue”. He just happened to be contracted to the place where I am employed, and just happens to have 30 years experience in an industry that the Lord brought to me as an avenue for the people of Jamaica 10 years ago, 2003. He has … Continue reading »

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Hunh Lord? Teach ’em to What?…… Fish?

More to come!

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Children of Jamaica

Donnington Jamaica One Room School House with 140 Children   Donnington School Grounds Mountain School Bus (no liability waivers ;-))

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Prayers at Lunchtime

These are some of the children that we would be thrilled to touch with the Love and Power of Almighty God. Please keep us in your prayers. May your fervor be as heart felt as these little ones. lel

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