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Rose & Lowel Lewis

Rose & Lowel Lewis


Adventures with God in the Mountains of Jamaica



In May of 2012, Lowel and I received a call from His Grace Charles H. Dufour, the Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica.  We were asked by the Archbishop to come down to Jamaica and visit, and to see if we would consider becoming missionaries in the hills of Jamaica.  In October 2012, Lowel and I set out to meet with the Archbishop – so to understand his vision for the people.  After several weeks with His Grace, we understood his passion for the people and the need for evangelizing, developing ecumenical ties and implementing biblical studies that substantiate a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our visit was marked by the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the first Catholic priests to Jamaica and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence.  It was a busy two weeks of meetings, events and getting acquainted with all who are involved in the ministry.
Upon our return to Michigan, we knew God was changing our course in life; therefore, we began to make the necessary decision to move forward.  We, like most people, are not independently wealthy; so, we asked our Lord “What He would have us do to sustain ourselves and help the people in Jamaica?”  That is when the Lord brought confirmation to move forward on a project that was looked at ten years prior.
Through home based enterprises, we believe, we can help the poor establish gainful employment while teaching them the practical application of biblical values and truths, and the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Therefore, E.L.A. Enterprises, which was designed to Empower Developing Economies now encompasses ELA Missions.  (Because of various circumstances our implementation of home based enterprises through E.L.A. Enterprises will be incorporated gradually into the ministry but our vision and goals remains the same.)
ELA Missions
Our Vision… is to have the Fire of the Holy Spirit fall on the people to which we are assigned by a solid example of our Lord Jesus Christ through us, as a vibrant married couple (ministry in the marketplace).
Our Purpose… is to give the people hope through Jesus Christ, while equipping and encouraging them with the teaching and the practical application of biblical values and truths applied to business and life.
Our Focusis to teach the Truth of the Gospel and relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelizing, developing ecumenical ties and implementing biblical studies.

To Him Be the Glory!